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Ryan Trower is a London based photographer specialising in architecture and the man-altered environment.

Initially inspired by the sweeping landscapes and secret corners of his native Cornwall, he took up photography as a hobby, wishing to become an architect. It wasn’t until 2016 that he realised he wished to photograph the buildings, rather than design them.

Today, splitting his time between London and Somerset, his focus is primarily the large-scale developments of Central London, and construction projects at large.

Ryan’s unique style offers a new perspective on the clean lines, sharp angles and reflective planes of contemporary architecture in Canary Wharf, as well as the juxtapositions of the increasingly bizarre shapes set against the grandeur of classic architecture in The City.

His subjects are unfailingly interesting but it is Ryan’s viewpoint that transforms his photographic compositions into an art form.

I would say that structures, despite their inherent muteness, bring their own challenges. A challenge which I relish in. You have to consider lighting, the surroundings, the life around it. There’s no control there, you are the one who has to move and work around it.
— Ryan Trower

Logo: O. Bredermeyer (2015)